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We know accuracy is imperative to everything you do.

Find Expert Process Control Solutions for your Industry.

Accurate control and monitoring of processes is crucial to safe and efficient operations across a wide range of industries. That's why Eads EPSCO offers more than an expansive inventory of mission-critical components and instrumentation you need to address your service and maintenance needs. As a division of FCX Performance family of companies, Eads EPSO leverages the technical expertise to help you navigate through even the most complex production and manufacturing challenges.

Applications Engineering

Chemical Processing: Expect precision control for product integrity and consistency.

We implement process flow control equipment with the expertise to meet your exacting standards and meticulous specifications.

We deliver solutions for:

  • SIL-rated emergency shutdown (ESD) for SIS systems
  • Reactor and storage tank mixing
  • Contact, non-contact, and MLI-Level control
  • Slurry flow
  • Corrosive materials handling
  • pH, conductivity, and ORP measurement
  • Severe service valves for corrosive, erosive, high pressure, and high temperature
  • High alloys
  • Cryogenic valves

Cost Effective Solutions

EPC: Discover cost-effective solutions.

When you partner with Eads EPSCO, we'll help you discover new ways to efficiently and effectively meet project requirements.

We deliver solutions for:

  • Leading brands with broad AML acceptance
  • Specifications and applications support
  • Project management
  • FAT and inspection
  • Documentation packages and processes
  • Production and supply chain schedules
  • Domestic and export packaging
  • Start-up and commissioning support
  • Global service network through industry-leading suppliers

Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage: We keep it clean.

Meet your high-purity standards and sanitary processing requirements with solutions from aseptic processing expertise to on-site process management.

We deliver solutions for:

  • High purity/aseptic design
  • Product recovery
  • Equipment performance reliability and optimization
  • Mix-proof valves and valve manifold/matrix design
  • Recording and control
  • Industrial and sanitary products
  • Filtration solutions

General Industrial

General Industrial: Demand the expertise to address your requirements.

We respond with a range of individual offerings and custom solutions – implemented by our experienced sales and service consultants.

We deliver solutions for:

  • Calibration and commissioning services
  • Energy monitoring and conservation
  • Energy audits on compressed air systems, steam traps, and boiler rooms
  • Utility flow measurement and totalizers for gas, steam, and compressed air
  • Discrete sensors and cordsets for proximity, level, pressure, temperature, and flow
  • Packaging
  • Precision fill valves
  • Hose stations
  • Waste water treatment
  • Liquid and bulk solids level gauges

Technical Support

High Purity: Find Precision solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech, and personal care.

Today’s processing environment is transforming rapidly. We offer the experienced staff and sophisticated solutions to address your operational and technological challenges.

We deliver solutions for:

  • Industrial and sanitary products
  • Broad industry expertise
  • Pre-tested skidded systems
  • Tank CIP/ SIP
  • Bioreactor level measurement
  • Chromatography
  • Filtration
  • Sterilization

Fluid Conveyance

Municipal & Institutional: Deploy High-efficiency solutions for water and energy.

We know the pressures of environmental regulations and industrial standards and the budgetary constraints. We work with you to deploy high-efficiency solutions specifically crafted for utilities and the ancillary services that support them.

We deliver solutions for:

  • Coatings for concrete and metal protection from corrosion and erosion
  • Accurate process measurement (custody transfer)
  • Third-party calibration verification
  • Analytical measurement: pH, turbidity, and DO (also fluoride, manganese, and sludge consistency)
  • Domestic water pressure boosting systems
  • Flow measurement
  • Steam distribution
  • Boiler management
  • Pressure and temperature management control

Fluid Conveyance

OEM: Operate at peak performance.

We represent a wide range of premium products. And we match the widely variable and critically-precise specifications of individual components in order to provide the most efficient integrated solutions.

We deliver solutions for:

  • Integrated solutions and specially designed products for unique applications
  • Applications support
  • Sizing and selection assistance to reduce equipment spend
  • Local assembly and testing reduces cost and shortens lead times
  • Staging and inspections within FCX Centers of Excellence
  • Consolidation of shipments within our distribution facilities
  • Global hazardous area agency approvals
  • Environmental equipment protection: paint specs, enclosures, dust covers, sunshades

Fluid Conveyance

Oil & Gas: Expect efficiencies at every point of production and transportation.

We can’t control the price of crude oil, but we can help you optimize your systems so rising costs are offset by greater operational efficiencies.

We deliver solutions for:

  • SIS – ESD valves
  • FM-approved safety shut-down valves
  • Remote manual actuators to replace chain wheels
  • Failsafe electric valve actuation
  • Sealed magnetic level gauges to reduce LDARs
  • Custody transfer / LACT system components
  • Mass flow measurement
  • Reflux / Re-boiler level control
  • Coker switching and overhead vapor valves
  • TOV technology to eliminate gate valve leakage

Fluid Conveyance

Power Generation: Operate productively, effectively and efficiently.

We offer solutions for fossil-fired, nuclear, and renewable industries --designed to meet or exceed regulatory pressures and changing industry standards.

We deliver solutions for:

  • Feedwater, DA, drum, and condensate level control
  • Heat recovery
  • Cooling tower basin level and flow control
  • Pulverizer / coal burner isolation valves
  • Demineralizer, on-off, and control valves
  • Steam isolation, on-off, and control valves
  • Ash handling
  • Damper actuator upgrade and replacement
  • Feedwater heater – heat rate improvement
  • Torque tube replacement with Guided Wave Radar
  • Analytical and water chemistry
  • Sootblower air heater control valves
  • FGD Scrubber: ball, knife gate, butterfly, and diaphragm valves
  • Fuel oil / gas pressure control valves
  • Fuel oil / gas (FM approved) safety shutoff valves
  • Combustion analyzers (O2, CO2, CEMS)
  • Draft range and multivariable pressure transmitters
  • Pulverized coal level measurement

Fluid Conveyance

Pulp & Paper: Expect stability in operations, maintenance and production costs.

We deliver complete mill-wide solutions – from pulping to converting.Take advantage of our broad range of targeted solutions, from equipment to assessment and consultation services.

We deliver solutions for:

  • Water conservation and heat recovery
  • High-density cleaners
  • Low-flow chemical addition
  • Basis weight control
  • Separator level control
  • Steam and condensate for dryer sections
  • Consistency measurement
  • Coarse and fine dilution Cs control
  • Control valve loop optimization
  • Stock level control
  • Digester capping valves
  • Stock washer
  • Screening – accepts and rejects
  • Coating kitchen

Fluid Conveyance

Steel & Metals: Depend on safety and performance for intensive service.

We understand the balance of safety and performance across intensive processes. We can improve processes and address budgetary constraints to help make you more productive.

We deliver solutions for:

  • Flow, pressure, and temperature measurements
  • Control valves for natural gas, air, oxygen, argon, nitrogen, and cooling water
  • Corrosion-resistant lined pipe, valves, and instrumentation for pickling lines
  • High-alloy valves
  • Oxygen service valves and instruments
  • Oxygen cleaning of valves and components
  • Magmeters for cooling and quench water

Do you have a challenge? We have an application solution.

Need help improving processes, solving flow problems, or increasing efficiency?  Let's talk!

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