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SCADAPack x70 Series Upgrade Program

Do you have a SCADAPack 300 Series? It’s time to upgrade your SCADAPack 300 Series to the new Schneider SCADAPack x70 Series. Begin planning now before it’s too late.

Introducing: The SCADAPack x70 Series

The Schneider SCADAPack x70 Series is replacing the SCADAPack 300 Series. With a variety of features, the SCADAPack x70 will help support your automation and control system with industry standard IEC 61131-3 programming tools and multiple protocols. With integrated telemetry technology, this series will make your operations run smoothly and effectively.

Why You Need to Upgrade Now

SCADAPack 300 Series expires in 2023. The SCADAPack 300 Series will be obsolete beginning June 2023 and replacements will not be available after that date. It is crucial to upgrade to the x70 Series sooner rather than later to avoid system interruption.

Avoid unnecessary downtime. The length of installation could take weeks or even months; give yourself the time you need to install the new SCADAPack x70 Series before the 300 Series becomes obsolete. Avoid losing valuable production time while installing the new system.


Widely used in the Oil and Gas Industry as well as the Water and Wastewater Industry, the SCADAPack x70 Series offers superior functionality:

• Supports the International Standard IEC 61131-3 for programmable logic controllers.
• Both API 21.1 & API 21.2 compliance for Gas and Liquid measurement
• Supports multiple protocol includes Modbus and DNP3

Future Proof

Give yourself the breathing room you deserve to create a smooth transition. If your SCADAPack 300 Series fails after the expiration date, you may not be able to replace it with the same unit and your production could come to a complete halt! By upgrading to the SCADAPack x70 Series now, you are protecting your business. Expiring in June 2023, the SCADAPack 300 Series will have unavailable replacements. In order to avoid unnecessary downtime, it’s important to install the SCADAPack x70 Series sooner rather than later. With numerous beneficial features and integrated telemetry technology, the SCADAPack x70 Series can help your business run effectively.

Any questions? Let’s upgrade together. Talk with an Expert to learn more.

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